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Ruchka-derzhatel (ruchka-bashtanka)


- Do you want to increase the profit of your trading network?

- Do you dream about returning customers to your stores?

The company «Agropak» will help you with this!

We offer a novelty in the market of packaging and packaging - «Handle-Bashtanka»!



- «Ruchka-Bashtanka» will make the goods more attractive, profitable and convenient. And the client will certainly appreciate your concern for him.

- «Ruchka-Bashtanka» gives a huge advantage over competitors, because the packaging with such a handle is modern, attractive and profitable.

- «Ruchka-Bashtanka» is ergonomic and environmentally friendly, and this makes it easy to buy and easily carry the goods.

- «Ruchka-Bashtanka» is very reliable, can withstand up to 50 kilograms and at the same time is cheaper than a polyethylene bag.

- «Ruchka-Bashtanka» - this is an additional opportunity to advertise your trading network or, if desired, the brand of the manufacturer. Just attach the necessary information to it.



With «Ruchka-Bashtanka» you will definitely become a leader in trade in agricultural products and gain a reputation as innovators!

Let's cooperate for the joy of your customers and envy your competitors!

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