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F2 Packing Machine

F2 Packing Machine

F2 Packing Machine is a professional device for filling and closing PE-film bags

  • Описание

F2 Packing Machine is a professional device for filling and closing PE-film bags.
F2 Packing Machines is used mainly for packing washed carrots and root parsley. A standard model of the machine is made from acid-resistant stainless steel, which makes it resistant to harmful influence of wet vegetables on its construction.The principle of operation consists in cutting the bags from the rollstock, filling them with a portion of vegetables and closing them. An ultrasonic sensor mounted on the intake hopper controls its throughput, preventing disruption caused by an accidental jamming of the products in the hopper. As standard the machine is equipped with: an intake hopper vibration engine, which helps the product to fall down and a conveyor belt vibration engine, which makes the filled bag tremble so that the entangled vegetables fit evenly in the bag, what is especially important in the packaging of root vegetables.F2 Packing Machine can work with WR30 and WK weigher.F2 Packing Machine is available in two variants: one with packing scope of 1kg-2,5 kg , the other one with packing scope of 2,5 kg -10 kg

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Packing scope1 kg-5 kg or 2,5-10 kg
Control system PLC MitsubishiTouch screen 4”
Electrical supply 400 VP
neumatical supply 5-6 bar 50 l/min
Power consumption 2,5 kW
Dimensions 4,4 m x 0,9 m x 1,7 m
Net weight 630 kg


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