About company


                        20 YEARS ON THE PACKAGING MARKET

We offer over twenty varieties of small and large packaging, 
packaging equipment, as well as other agricultural products

For almost 20 years our company has been manufacturing and supplying packaging materials for the needs of agricultural enterprises. Throughout the company’s work, we made certain conclusions – the client needs new, affordable and convenient solutions. As a result, we develop many types of packaging products, and we help owners of farms to solve their problems. With the help of what do we do it?

The handle-holder (basht) is a unique offer on the market. Grid for vegetables comes with a comfortable handle, which is sure to suit your customers;
Mesh in rolls and reels (for large customers). If you produce a significant amount of products, it is better to buy a net wholesale;
Packing equipment: weighing stations, weight packers and much more.
Our main offer is a quality mesh for vegetables. This is a strong packaging material that essentially raises your sales level. This is a beautiful and strong product, it can emphasize all the merits of your product. As a result, satisfied customers and maximum profit!